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Evangelical scholar, Gary Habermas, Ph.D. — Professor of Philosophy and Theology at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia — one of the fourteen scholar interviewed by Lee Strobel for The Case for Christ — author of 25 books including the The Resurrection of Jesus: An Apologetic and The Risen Jesus & Future Hope:

While the literary sources provide excellent historical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus, there is a less apparent, but still significant pathway from the non-literary artifact known as the Shroud of Turin to Jesus. Yet, the shadow of the 1988 carbon-14 testing remains a sufficient roadblock that we must answer decisively before we can do much more than talk to ourselves in the “shroud community.

Now the carbon-14 issue has been resolved. And new startling discoveries since 2004 make the Shroud of Turin seem very real. Please read The Sugar Coated Shroud of Turin and the Resurrection of Jesus or jump to a topic:

imageIs this a Picture of Jesus? The Shroud of Turin Described


imageHow the pictures might have formed. Shroud of Turin’s Strange Coating of Saccharides Turned Brown


imagePicture of Jesus in Edessa. History of the Shroud of Turin from Edessa to Constantinople


imageCarbon 14 Dating Problem Resolved. The Carbon 14 Dating of the Mended Corner of the Shroud of Turin


imageStartling, Mysterious, 3D Picture. Inexplicable 3D Optical Illusion Phenomenon


imageThe Variegated Cloth. Fooled by the Variegated Shroud of Turin Background Noise


imageSixth Century Picture. Christ Pantocrator Icon and the Shroud of Turin


imageWas the Shroud of Turin Described? Voices from the Past that Described the Picture of Jesus


imageMedical Perspective: Forensic Pathology of the Pictures on the Shroud of Turin


imageSome say many things: the Shroud was painted or that it was created by Leonardo da Vinci.


imageAnd don’t miss this essay: Shroud of Turin ??? byDanusha V. Goska
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Source: Shroud Story

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